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Weekly update

This week we're introducing:

  • Pydantic v2 to the Python SDK
  • Examples of using the Java SDK with Kotlin
  • A number of custom packages as samples


By popular request, we're moving to Pydantic v2 in the Python SDK!

We're intending this to be a non-breaking change to any existing code, by retaining the same interfaces. However, because it changes an underlying library to a new major version, we recognize it could impact anyone that still relies on Pydantic v1. Therefore we've decided it is prudent to bump to v2.0.0 for the Python SDK.

Please let us know if you require Pydantic v1

Do you use the Python SDK and still have a dependency on Pydantic v1? We'd love to hear from you , to plan how to best support your needs going forward. (If we don't hear from you, our plans to keep maintaining the Pydantic v1 support and backporting any changes will be limited.)


We're big fans of Kotlin, and have started using it to develop various custom packages — built right on top of the existing Java SDK.

If you're interested in exploring the possibilities there yourself, have a look at any of the source code available for the custom packages (below)!

Custom packages

Want to get metadata out of Atlan?

Want to ingest metadata into Atlan that isn't covered by an out-of-the-box crawler?

Want to get some insights from the metadata in Atlan?

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