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Atlan Python SDK v1.0.0!

Today we're officially releasing the Atlan Python SDK 🎉

What does this mean?

The Atlan Python SDK is now in a stable and feature-rich state. It is well-tested and ready to use, and we want to now provide a stable set of releases that can be developed against.

  • Going forward we will follow a strict semver versioning approach.
  • We will also mark any changed functionality as deprecated rather than immediately removing it.1
  • Deprecated functionality will only be removed in the next major release.

What doesn't this mean?

This of course does not mean we will stop development on the Atlan Python SDK.

  • As new features and functionality are released in Atlan, the SDK will continue to evolve.
  • If any 🐞s appear, we'll fix those, too.

Please continue to provide feedback on the Python SDK as you use it, so we can continue to evolve it to best meet your needs!

  1. Although we reserve the right to make exceptions to this rule should any back-end changes prevent us from logically deprecating something, due to it entirely changing or disappearing. (Such a circumstance should be exceptionally rare, though.)