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Relational database model

Reference documentation

This is reference documentation covering the entire Atlan model. It is not the best place to start when trying to understand how to manage relational database assets in Atlan. For that, we would suggest starting with the manage relational assets pattern.

These model elements all deal with relational database constructs.

    direction RL
    class Referenceable {
    link Referenceable "../entities/referenceable"
    class Asset {
    link Asset "../entities/asset"
    Referenceable <|-- Asset : extends
    class Catalog {
    link Catalog "../entities/catalog"
    Asset <|-- Catalog : extends
    class SQL {
    link SQL "../entities/sql"
    Catalog <|-- SQL : extends
    class Tag {
    link Tag "../entities/tag"
    Catalog <|-- Tag : extends
    class TablePartition
    link TablePartition "../entities/tablepartition"
    SQL <|-- TablePartition : extends
    class Table
    link Table "../entities/table"
    SQL <|-- Table : extends
    class Query
    link Query "../entities/query"
    SQL <|-- Query : extends
    class Column
    link Column "../entities/column"
    SQL <|-- Column : extends
    class Schema
    link Schema "../entities/schema"
    SQL <|-- Schema : extends
    class SnowflakeStream
    link SnowflakeStream "../entities/snowflakestream"
    SQL <|-- SnowflakeStream : extends
    class SnowflakePipe
    link SnowflakePipe "../entities/snowflakepipe"
    SQL <|-- SnowflakePipe : extends
    class Database
    link Database "../entities/database"
    SQL <|-- Database : extends
    class Procedure
    link Procedure "../entities/procedure"
    SQL <|-- Procedure : extends
    class View
    link View "../entities/view"
    SQL <|-- View : extends
    class MaterialisedView
    link MaterialisedView "../entities/materialisedview"
    SQL <|-- MaterialisedView : extends
    class SnowflakeTag
    link SnowflakeTag "../entities/snowflaketag"
    SQL <|-- SnowflakeTag : extends
    Tag <|-- SnowflakeTag : extends
    class Function
    link Function "../entities/function"
    SQL <|-- Function : extends


The following illustrates how the various relational database objects inter-relate with each other:

    Connection ||..o{ Database : ""
    Database ||--o{ Schema : schemas
    Schema ||--o{ Table : tables
    Schema ||--o{ View : views
    Schema ||--o{ MaterialisedView : materialisedViews
    Schema ||--o{ Procedure : procedures
    Schema ||--o{ SnowflakePipe : snowflakePipes
    Schema ||--o{ SnowflakeStream : snowflakeStreams
    Schema ||--o{ SnowflakeTag : snowflakeTags
    Table |o--o{ TablePartition : partitions
    Table }o--o{ Query : queries
    Table |o--o{ Column : columns
    View }o--o{ Query : queries
    View |o--o{ Column : columns
    MaterialisedView |o--o{ Column : columns
    TablePartition |o--o{ Column : columns
    Column }o--o{ Query : queries