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Base class for Salesforce assets.

Reference documentation

This is reference documentation covering the entire Atlan model. It is not the best place to start when trying to understand managing Salesforce assets in Atlan. For that, we would suggest starting with either:

  • Snippets — small, atomic examples of single-step use cases.
  • Patterns — walkthroughs of common multi-step implementation patterns.
    direction RL
    class Salesforce {
    link Salesforce "../salesforce"
    class SaaS {
    link SaaS "../entities/saas"
    SaaS <|-- Salesforce : extends
    class Catalog {
    link Catalog "../entities/catalog"
    Catalog <|-- SaaS : extends
    class Asset {
    link Asset "../entities/asset"
    Asset <|-- Catalog : extends
    class Referenceable {
    link Referenceable "../entities/referenceable"
    Referenceable <|-- Asset : extends
    class SalesforceObject
    link SalesforceObject "../entities/salesforceobject"
    Salesforce <|-- SalesforceObject : extends
    class SalesforceField
    link SalesforceField "../entities/salesforcefield"
    Salesforce <|-- SalesforceField : extends
    class SalesforceOrganization
    link SalesforceOrganization "../entities/salesforceorganization"
    Salesforce <|-- SalesforceOrganization : extends
    class SalesforceDashboard
    link SalesforceDashboard "../entities/salesforcedashboard"
    Salesforce <|-- SalesforceDashboard : extends
    class SalesforceReport
    link SalesforceReport "../entities/salesforcereport"
    Salesforce <|-- SalesforceReport : extends


These attributes are specific to instances of Salesforce (and all of its subtypes).


Name of this asset in the Salesforce API.


Fully-qualified name of the organization in Salesforce.


The following illustrates how the various Salesforce objects inter-relate with each other:

    Connection ||..o{ SalesforceOrganization : ""
    SalesforceOrganization |o--o{ SalesforceDashboard : dashboards
    SalesforceOrganization |o--o{ SalesforceObject : objects
    SalesforceOrganization |o--o{ SalesforceReport : reports
    SalesforceDashboard }o--o{ SalesforceReport : reports
    SalesforceObject |o--o{ SalesforceField : fields
    SalesforceObject |o--o{ SalesforceField : lookupFields