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Packages and workflows introduction

Operations on workflows.

In Atlan, packages define the workflows you can run to retrieve metadata from various sources. Within this section the individual packages that are currently supported through the SDKs are listed with examples.

Workflows run asynchronously

This means the helper method to run a workflow will return immediately, before the workflow itself has finished running. If you want to wait until the workflow is finished you'll need to use other helper methods to check the status and wait accordingly.


To block until the workflow has completed running:

Block until workflow has completed
WorkflowResponse response =; // (1)
AtlanWorkflowPhase state = response.monitorStatus(log); // (2)
  1. Every package returns a Workflow object, from which you can run() the workflow. This call will return almost immediately with some metadata about the workflow run — it will not wait until the workflow has completed running.
  2. There is a monitorStatus() method on the response of a workflow run that you can use to wait until the workflow has completed. When this method finally returns, it will give the state of the workflow when it completed (for example, success or failure).

    The method comes in two variations:

    • one that takes an slf4j logger (in this example) and will log its status periodically
    • and another that takes no arguments and does not do any logging

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