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Events when an asset is updated

When an asset is updated in Atlan, the following events can be emitted.


Atlan always emits an ENTITY_UPDATE event when an asset is updated.1 The details in the event are for the asset that was updated.

When a relationship is defined as part of an asset update, Atlan will also emit an ENTITY_UPDATE event for that related asset. The details in this event cover the related asset.

More details

Parent-child relationships

Unlike with asset creation, typically the parent-child relationship already exists when an asset is updated and thus does not need to be redefined. So it is rare that you would see Atlan emitting ENTITY_UPDATE events for parent-child relationships during an asset update.

Peer-to-peer relationships

For example, specifying a term to link to a column when updating the column.

  • An ENTITY_UPDATE event will be emitted for the term that is specified.

Note: this means a single asset creation (single ENTITY_CREATE event) could emit any number of ENTITY_UPDATE events.

  1. Note that events are only emitted when an asset is actually updated. Since Atlan's save operation is idempotent, when no changes are actually sent in the payload it behaves as a NOOP — the asset is not actually changed or updated. In these cases, no events are emitted, either.