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Base class for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) assets.

    direction RL
    class ADLS {
    link ADLS "../adls"
    class ObjectStore {
    link ObjectStore "../entities/objectstore"
    ObjectStore <|-- ADLS : extends
    class Catalog {
    link Catalog "../entities/catalog"
    Catalog <|-- ObjectStore : extends
    class Asset {
    link Asset "../entities/asset"
    Asset <|-- Catalog : extends
    class Referenceable {
    link Referenceable "../entities/referenceable"
    Referenceable <|-- Asset : extends
    class Azure {
    link Azure "../azure"
    Azure <|-- ADLS : extends
    class Cloud {
    link Cloud "../entities/cloud"
    Cloud <|-- Azure : extends
    Asset <|-- Cloud : extends
    class ADLSAccount
    link ADLSAccount "../entities/adlsaccount"
    ADLS <|-- ADLSAccount : extends
    class ADLSContainer
    link ADLSContainer "../entities/adlscontainer"
    ADLS <|-- ADLSContainer : extends
    class ADLSObject
    link ADLSObject "../entities/adlsobject"
    ADLS <|-- ADLSObject : extends


These attributes are specific to instances of ADLS (and all of its subtypes).


Unique name of the account for this ADLS asset.


The following illustrates how the various ADLS objects inter-relate with each other:

    Connection ||..o{ ADLSAccount : ""
    ADLSAccount ||--o{ ADLSContainer : adlsContainers
    ADLSContainer ||--o{ ADLSObject : adlsObjects