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Getting started with Atlan


Atlan University

If you prefer, we also have video-based introductory courses:

Welcome to our developer portal! 🏠

If you are just starting to work with Atlan, you might want a brief introduction to its important technical concepts. Being familiar with these will help you make the most of integrating with Atlan — irrespective of the mechanism or language you use to do so:

  • Assets are the most important concept to understand in Atlan
  • Tags enrich and group together assets
  • Custom metadata allows you to extend assets with your own information

Jump right in

Alternatively, if you want to jump straight into examples, you can search (upper-right) or use the top-level menu:

  • Snippets — small, atomic examples of single-step use cases.
  • Patterns — walkthroughs of common multi-step implementation patterns.
  • Samples — documentation for publicly-available samples of reusable, end-to-end code.
  • Reference materials fully explain all possibilities for:
  • Types — describe every field and relationship available on each asset.