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Amazon (AWS) model

Reference documentation

This is reference documentation covering the entire Atlan model. It is not the best place to start when trying to understand developing with Atlan. For that, we would suggest starting with either:

  • Snippets — small, atomic examples of single-step use cases.
  • Patterns — walkthroughs of common multi-step implementation patterns.

Base class for AWS assets.

    direction RL
    class AWS {
    link AWS "../aws"
    class Cloud {
    link Cloud "../entities/cloud"
    Cloud <|-- AWS : extends
    class Asset {
    link Asset "../entities/asset"
    Asset <|-- Cloud : extends
    class Catalog {
    link Catalog "../entities/catalog"
    Asset <|-- Catalog : extends
    class BI {
    link BI "bi"
    Catalog <|-- BI : extends
    class Referenceable {
    link Referenceable "../entities/referenceable"
    Referenceable <|-- Asset : extends
    class ObjectStore {
    link ObjectStore "../entities/objectstore"
    Catalog <|-- ObjectStore : extends
    class S3 {
    link S3 "../s3"
    ObjectStore <|-- S3 : extends
    AWS <|-- S3 : extends
    class S3Bucket
    link S3Bucket "../entities/s3bucket"
    S3 <|-- S3Bucket : extends
    class S3Object
    link S3Object "../entities/s3object"
    S3 <|-- S3Object : extends
    class QuickSight {
    link QuickSight "../quicksight"
    BI <|-- QuickSight : extends
    class QuickSightFolder
    link QuickSightFolder "../entities/quicksightfolder"
    QuickSight <|-- QuickSightFolder : extends
    class QuickSightDashboardVisual
    link QuickSightDashboardVisual "../entities/quicksightdashboardvisual"
    QuickSight <|-- QuickSightDashboardVisual : extends
    class QuickSightAnalysisVisual
    link QuickSightAnalysisVisual "../entities/quicksightanalysisvisual"
    QuickSight <|-- QuickSightAnalysisVisual : extends
    class QuickSightDatasetField
    link QuickSightDatasetField "../entities/quicksightdatasetfield"
    QuickSight <|-- QuickSightDatasetField : extends
    class QuickSightAnalysis
    link QuickSightAnalysis "../entities/quicksightanalysis"
    QuickSight <|-- QuickSightAnalysis : extends
    class QuickSightDashboard
    link QuickSightDashboard "../entities/quicksightdashboard"
    QuickSight <|-- QuickSightDashboard : extends
    class QuickSightDataset
    link QuickSightDataset "../entities/quicksightdataset"
    QuickSight <|-- QuickSightDataset : extends


These attributes are specific to instances of AWS (and all of its subtypes).


12-digit number that uniquely identifies an AWS account.


Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for this asset. This uniquely identifies the asset in AWS, and thus must be unique across all AWS asset instances.


Root user's ID.


Root user's name.


Group of AWS region and service objects.


Physical region where the data center in which the asset exists is clustered.


Unique resource ID assigned when a new resource is created.


Type of service in which the asset exists.


List of tags that have been applied to the asset in AWS.