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DynamoDB model

Base class for DynamoDB assets.

Complete reference

This is a complete reference for the DynamoDB object in Atlan, showing every possible property and relationship that can exist for these objects. For an introduction, you probably want to start with:

  • Snippets — small, atomic examples of single-step use cases.
  • Patterns — walkthroughs of common multi-step implementation patterns.
    direction RL
    class DynamoDB {
    link DynamoDB "../dynamodb"
    class NoSQL {
    link NoSQL "../nosql"
    NoSQL <|-- DynamoDB : extends
    class Catalog {
    link Catalog "../catalog"
    Catalog <|-- NoSQL : extends
    class Asset {
    link Asset "../asset"
    Asset <|-- Catalog : extends
    class Referenceable {
    link Referenceable "../referenceable"
    Referenceable <|-- Asset : extends
    class DynamoDBSecondaryIndex {
    link DynamoDBSecondaryIndex "../entities/dynamodbsecondaryindex"
    Table <|-- DynamoDBSecondaryIndex : extends
    class DynamoDBLocalSecondaryIndex
    link DynamoDBLocalSecondaryIndex "../entities/dynamodblocalsecondaryindex"
    DynamoDBSecondaryIndex <|-- DynamoDBLocalSecondaryIndex : extends
    class DynamoDBGlobalSecondaryIndex
    link DynamoDBGlobalSecondaryIndex "../entities/dynamodbglobalsecondaryindex"
    DynamoDBSecondaryIndex <|-- DynamoDBGlobalSecondaryIndex : extends
    class DynamoDBTable
    link DynamoDBTable "../entities/dynamodbtable"
    Table <|-- DynamoDBTable : extends
    DynamoDB <|-- DynamoDBSecondaryIndex : extends
    DynamoDB <|-- DynamoDBTable : extends
    SQL <|-- Table : extends
    Catalog <|-- SQL : extends


These attributes are specific to instances of DynamoDB (and all of its subtypes).


Specifies the partition key of the DynamoDB Table/Index


The maximum number of strongly consistent reads consumed per second before DynamoDB returns a ThrottlingException


Specifies the sort key of the DynamoDB Table/Index


Status of the DynamoDB Asset


The maximum number of writes consumed per second before DynamoDB returns a ThrottlingException


The following illustrates how the various DynamoDB objects inter-relate with each other:

    Connection ||..o{ DynamoDBTable : ""
    DynamoDBTable ||--o{ DynamoDBGlobalSecondaryIndex : dynamoDBGlobalSecondaryIndexes
    DynamoDBTable ||--o{ DynamoDBLocalSecondaryIndex : dynamoDBLocalSecondaryIndexes