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GCS model

Base class for Google Cloud Storage assets.

Reference documentation

This is reference documentation covering the entire Atlan model. It is not the best place to start when trying to understand managing GCS assets in Atlan. For that, we would suggest starting with the manage Google Cloud Storage assets pattern.

    direction RL
    class GCS {
    link GCS "../gcs"
    class Google {
    link Google "../google"
    Google <|-- GCS : extends
    class Cloud {
    link Cloud "../entities/cloud"
    Cloud <|-- Google : extends
    class Asset {
    link Asset "../entities/asset"
    Asset <|-- Cloud : extends
    class Referenceable {
    link Referenceable "../entities/referenceable"
    Referenceable <|-- Asset : extends
    class ObjectStore {
    link ObjectStore "../entities/objectstore"
    ObjectStore <|-- GCS : extends
    class Catalog {
    link Catalog "../entities/catalog"
    Catalog <|-- ObjectStore : extends
    Asset <|-- Catalog : extends
    class GCSObject
    link GCSObject "../entities/gcsobject"
    GCS <|-- GCSObject : extends
    class GCSBucket
    link GCSBucket "../entities/gcsbucket"
    GCS <|-- GCSBucket : extends


These attributes are specific to instances of GCS (and all of its subtypes).


Access control list for this asset.


Entity tag for the asset. An entity tag is a hash of the object and represents changes to the contents of an object only, not its metadata.


Encryption algorithm used to encrypt this asset.


Version of metadata for this asset at this generation. Used for preconditions and detecting changes in metadata. A metageneration number is only meaningful in the context of a particular generation of a particular asset.


Whether the requester pays header was sent when this asset was created (true) or not (false).


Storage class of this asset.


The following illustrates how the various GCS objects inter-relate with each other:

    Connection ||..o{ GCSBucket : ""
    GCSBucket ||--o{ GCSObject : gcsObjects