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Weekly update

This week we're introducing:

  • A way to append or remove individual relationships in bulk (previously it was only possible to replace all)
  • (Experimental) background task monitoring, for tag propagation
  • Various bug fixes and consistency improvements


We've added:

We've fixed:

  • A bug where LineageListResults was missing custom metadata.
  • The error thrown when aggregating an index search with no results.

Kotlin (and Java)

We've added:

We've fixed:

  • An edge case where parallel search streaming could overrun into an infinite loop.

We've improved:

  • (Experimental) management of data domains and data products.
  • Cache management, to avoid including or attempting to re-process archived assets.

Custom packages

We've fixed:

  • SSL-related errors that could have occurred with certain versions of TLS, in particular in the OpenAPI spec loader custom package.

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