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Metadata reporters

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We have moved our samples to a separate, dedicated site:

This document is no longer being maintained.

The reporters provide examples to extract metadata from Atlan:

These can be run:

  • Locally on your workstation. Each run will produce a timestamped Excel file in the directory where you run the code on your workstation. (Examples of running each reporter locally are provided at the end of each reporter's individual documentation page.)
  • Through an AWS Lambda function, which can be scheduled to run periodically from within Atlan. Each run will produce a timestamped Excel file into an S3 bucket of your choice.

Running the reporters through AWS Lambda

To run a reporter through AWS Lambda you need to do some initial setup:

Build the package

To build the package for deployment into a Lambda function, from a cloned copy of the atlanhq/atlan-java-samples repository run:

Build the package
$ ./gradlew buildZip

This will create a atlan-java-samples-<version> file under the build/distributions directory.

Create Lambda function

Create a new Lambda function (from scratch) in your AWS account, with the following:

  • Runtime of Java 17
  • Upload the atlan-java-samples-<version> file as the Code source for the function
  • Change the Handler for the Runtime settings to the class of the report you want the Lambda to produce:
    • com.atlan.samples.reporters.EnrichmentReporter for the enrichment report
    • com.atlan.samples.reporters.SlackDiscussionReporter for the Slack discussion report
    • com.atlan.samples.reporters.UserReporter for the user details report
  • Change the Configuration of the function as follows:
    • Increase the Timeout to at least 1 minute
    • Add S3 permissions to allow reading and writing to the S3 bucket where you want to store the Excel output
    • Add a policy that allows either an IAM role or user to use the lambda:InvokeFunction action on the function
    • Add an environment variable called ATLAN_API_KEY to the function, and set its value to your Atlan API token
    • Add an environment variable called ATLAN_BASE_URL to the function, and set its value to your Atlan tenant URL (for example,

Create S3 bucket

Ensure the S3 bucket where you want the results to be stored already exists, before running the Lambda function.

Will only use an existing bucket

The reporter will only try to write to an existing bucket, it will not attempt to create that bucket if it does not exist.

Create Atlan AWS Lambda Trigger

When setting up the Lambda trigger in Atlan , provide:

  • the IAM credentials you gave permission to invoke the Lambda function
  • the ARN of the Lambda function
  • use $LATEST as the qualifier for the function

And for the payload, see the specific configuration options listed for each different reporter.