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Code samples

As developers ourselves, we know that learning is often easiest through example.

This content has moved!

We have moved our samples to a separate, dedicated site:

This document is no longer being maintained.

In this Samples section you will find complete, reusable code samples. Take them as they are (as a learning tool), or extend them as you like (as a basis for your own automations)! All sample code for these is open source and available in our public GitHub samples repositories.

Repo Release Development

Our Java samples fit into these broad categories:

  • Loaders — import metadata into Atlan, both net-new and by enriching existing assets
  • Reporters — extract or report on metadata in Atlan
  • Event handlers — process changes to metadata in real-time

These are based on common functionality to read and write from Excel files (based on Apache POI ), and to integrate with AWS S3 to enable them to run as AWS Lambda functions.


Our Python samples fit into these broad categories:

These are based on deployment through AWS Lambda functions.


Our Kotlin samples fit into these broad categories:

  • Custom packages — run and schedule custom functionality from within Atlan itself, as a workflow

If you want a more focused introduction to specific operations or common implementation approaches, you may want to explore:

  • Snippets, to understand and see examples of individual operations.
  • Patterns, to understand some of the common implementation patterns involving a composition of operations.