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Migration Assistant

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The Migration Assistant package identifies all assets that have been enriched in some way through Atlan's UI and extracts them. This is useful in scenarios such as migrating from one database vendor to another.

In such a scenario, only the user-enriched information really needs to be retained or migrated. All other metadata is still owned at-source and can be re-crawled at any time through Atlan's out-of-the-box crawlers. Thus, the typical path to using this information would be:

  1. Run this extractor to produce the (default) enriched-only information.
  2. Run whatever (out-of-the-box) crawler is needed to ingest metadata assets.
  3. Manually search/replace i.e. the qualifiedNames in the CSV file produced by (1) with the revised prefix (i.e. new connection's qualifiedName) produced by (2).
  4. Import the modified CSV file (3) to re-enrich the metadata assets that were imported by (2).


You can choose to extract either:

  • Only the enriched assets
  • All assets

In both cases, the set of assets that will be extracted is still constrained by the provied qualifiedName prefix. That is, only assets whose qualifiedName starts with the provided qualifiedName prefix will be included in the extract.