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One-off setup

Creates (if it does not exist) a custom metadata structure to capture an asset completeness score:

  • Custom metadata name: DaaP (Data as a Product)
  • Attribute to capture the score: Score

At the same time, also creates a badge called Score on top of the DaaP.Score attribute:

  • Showing a green score for any value greater than or equal to 75.
  • Showing a yellow score for any value between 25 and 75.
  • Showing a red score for any value less than or equal to 25.

Ongoing calculation

On any asset creation or change, recalculates this score using the following logic:

Non-glossary assets

Criteria Score
Has any description 20
Has a business term assigned 20
Has at least one tag 20
Has at least one owner 20
Has lineage 20
Total possible score 100

Glossary terms

Criteria Score
Has any description 15
Has at least one related term 10
Has at least one linked resource 10
Has at least one linked asset 20
Has draft / verified certificate 15 / 25
Has README of > 100 characters 5
Has README of > 500 characters +5
Has README of > 1000 characters +10
Total possible score 100