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Weekly update

This week we:

  • Published our (experimental) command-line interface (CLI) for closed preview management of data contracts.
  • Extended the custom package toolkit to be able to manage connector-specific credentials.
  • Added various SDK enhancements and fixed various bugs with custom packages.


We published our initial command-line interface (CLI)!

Currently you can only use the CLI to manage data contracts, if you have access to them under our closed preview. We are excited about the possibilities this will bring — in particular to areas like CI/CD automation — and are looking forward to your feedback!


We've added:

  • A client for uploading and downloading files from Atlan's underlying object storage using pre-signed URLs.

Kotlin (and Java)

We've added:

  • The ability to manage SSO group mappings.
  • The ability to retrieve the depth of an asset as part of lineage responses.
  • Further connector types (Netezza, Azure Service Bus, Cognite, and Syndigo).
  • Models covering the closed preview for data contracts.

Custom packages

We've fixed:

  • An issue where emails could be sent without their intended attachments.
  • An issue where CSV files that include extra whitespace, byte order marks, or zero-width spaces in the header could cause parsing (and therefore loading) issues.

We've improved:

  • The asset export (basic) and enrichment migrator packages, to allow the inclusion of archived assets.
  • The asset import package, to allow importing data domains and data products.


We've extended the experimental custom package config toolkit to include:

  • Generation of connector-specific credentials.
  • A widget to reuse existing (or new) connector-specific credentials as part of inputs.
  • Additional options for certain widgets, such as setting default value and disabling inputs from being changed.
  • Code generation for strongly-typed configuration in Python.

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