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Weekly update

This week we:

  • Continued work on multi-dimensional datasets (cubes) support in SDKs
  • Continued work on the (experimental) typedef toolkit
  • Simplified usability of some methods, and fixed numerous bugs

Custom types

We're continuing to progress the experimental typedef toolkit, focused on the UI aspects of custom types. We've also fixed issues with the (experimental) typedef toolkit's generated output.

Atlanian use only

For now, this is for Atlanian use only, but we hope to open it up more broadly in the future.


We've added:

  • A new field __atlan_extra__ to accommodate any extra properties in API responses that are not (yet) modeled in the SDK.
  • An optional parameter to allow the user creation method to return details about the user it created.
  • An optional parameter to exclude users from search log results.

We've fixed:

  • Issues related to creating data domains and data products.

Kotlin (and Java)

We've added:

  • (Experimental) Support for for multi-dimensional datasets (cubes), including creation and management.

Custom packages

We've fixed:

  • An issue where some deployments were unable to run the asset importer due to an error about a missing library.
  • An issue where source tag attachments could cause errors in export packages, if the source tag no longer exists.
  • An issue in the cube asset builder with detecting the initial load of a cube
  • How qualifiedNames are composed in the cube asset builder package

We've improved:

  • Utility methods for syncing objects to and from S3.

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