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Atlan integration options


When connected to Amazon EventBridge , Atlan provides a rich set of events for push-based integration.


Atlan provides a rich set of REST APIs for pull-based integration. While powerful, there is a lot of information to take in.


Remove the need to...

  • Understand underlying REST API communications (HTTP protocols, methods, headers, endpoint URLs, etc)
  • Understand and translate complex JSON structures for request and response payloads

That's where our Software Development Kits (SDKs) come in — they are API client libraries that:

  • Allow you to programmatically interact with Atlan
    • Using constructs in the languages you know
    • With contextual help in your favorite IDE
    • Including proper error-detection and error-handling mechanisms

Ready to jump right in?

We've got you covered — get started with either Java or Python.1

  1. We've also documented the raw REST API interactions in many cases. So if you really want to interact with the APIs directly, there should still be some guidance — anywhere you see JSON